CSGF AU Catalog


Welcome! You've found a page which may seem strange at first.

This site lists alternate universes (AUs) which tell a story called Cold Scalliwag Gardens of Flytraps (CSGF). As it turns out, CSGF has no canonical version or edition, so every manifestation of it counts as an alternate universe.

Despite having no authoritative version, each AU of CSGF tends to share certain elements, e.g., characters, themes, lands, and events. Nevertheless, many AUs are not compatible with each other. In particular, the Moon AU splits into several other AUs which hinge upon vastly differing courses of events.

So feel free to read about the AUs below. Each one has its own principle author whose name happen to correspond to a certain character within CSGF.

—Krys dy Chief

Spider Lotus AU by Jyesula

The Spider Lotus AU takes a serious approach to the universe and characters of CSGF. The world is a more traditional fantasy universe. It draws much inspiration from Asian folklore rather than the Celtic and Nordic influences which are popular in fantasy literature.

The prosperous Arkadian Empire, lead by Jyesula, controls the majority of the eastern world. Jyesula and Krys have contained Garial and his influence with the Guardian Spires. Karl serves as the warden of the barrier before falling to Garial after Jyesula is abducted and the power of the barrier begins to to weaken.

Jauld enters an alliance with Garial in order to secure more power and freedom without the persecution of the Arkadian Empire. Stin of Djoser also aligns himself with the immense power of Garial in the hopes of increasing his wealth.

Krys and the enigmatic "Guild" work in the shadows against Jyesula and Garial.

Moon AU by Krys and Karl

The Moon AU expands upon an older version of CSGF, which it retells from the beginning. The Moon AU builds up to the familiar world in which the dy Chiefs rule the planet, but with Garial dy Chief confined to the realm of Cold Garden.

In order to expand his empire, Jyesula dy Chief sends a colony ship to the moon. However, he loses contact with the ship and he is unable to reach them by any means short of sending more ships. To limit his losses, he gives up on rescuing the lunar colonists and closes the doors on Bythanthian space research for good.

The lunar colony survives on its own and adopts the name "Lonoma".

Meanwhile, the corrupting influence of Garial finds and nourishes the citizens of Lonoma. While not every Lonoman agrees with the laws and customs which Garial forces upon the society, the order he imposes allows them to survive on the inhospitible lunar surface.

This time coincides with the high point of Jyesula's reign over Bythanthias. During this period, Jyesula loses his magical ring and can no longer open doors to Cold Garden. He bids that Jauld dy Chief, his long-time friend, search for the ring and bring it back to him.

This AU is the setting of the game dirt.

Sun AU by Krys

The timeline of the Sun AU splits off of the Moon AU.

Jauld finds the ring of Jyesula dy Chief and returns it to Jyesula, and Jyesula opens and enters a door to Cold Garden. He finds out that Garial is building an immense gateway to Cold Garden on the moon colony. Jyesula is delighted that the moon colony survived on its own, but he realizes that the colony may be corrupted by Garial dy Chief.

Jyesula returns to Maya and sends a special agent to the Lonoma colony by ship to gauge the progress of the colony and the gate to Cold Garden.

Against the wishes of Jyesula dy Chief, Jauld dy Chief followed him into Cold Garden and began a mission of his own. Jauld attempts to convince the kami living in Cold Garden to abandon Garial dy Chief's schemes and support the authority of Bythanthias in Maya and Lonoma. Among the kami he tries to contact is Amaterasu-┼Źmikami, the goddess of the sun.

This AU is the setting of the game lonoma.

Chairman Jauld AU by Krys

The timeline of the Chairman Jauld AU splits off of the Moon AU.

Jauld finds the ring of Jyesula, but instead of returning it to Jyesula dy Chief, Jauld betrays his life-long friend and uses the ring's power to "sunder" Jyesula.

With Jyesula deprived of power and ambition, Jauld assumes the office of Chairman which Jyesula once held. From that point onward, the protection (and correction) of Bythanthias is the responsibility of Jauld dy Chief. Jauld must learn what it is like to be beset by foes on all sides, e.g., Stin dy Chief of Antartikia and Garial dy Chief from Cold Garden and the rapidly growing lunar colony.

Fairies AU by Krys

The timeline of the Fairies AU splits off of the Moon AU.

Jyesula dy Chief never recovers his ring, and Jauld dy Chief never finds the ring. During the search, a cataclysmic explosion of the Alinwar wipes out almost all life on Maya, leaving Maya arid and thick with a lavender smog. As this occurs, the lunar colony witnesses the annihilation of the ancestral planet in its skyline.

The dy Chiefs who held power on Maya are nowhere to be found. With every obstacle that once stopped him gone, Garial dy Chief commands a few settlers to establish a base on Maya under the Lonoman banner.

One group of colonists encounters the snake god Zech of an ancient island cult. Zech is known by the colonists as "la serpento vundita" and can perform blood magic at its will.